Video Website Retargeting on Social Media

If you are running your business on Facebook and have not yet began creating and posting video content on your page, you really need to kick that production into HIGH-GEAR! Are you utilizing video retargeting in your current social media advertising campaigns? As TechCrunch states “Everything at Facebook seems to be growing, according to Mark Zuckerberg’s Q4 […]

Twitter Character

Are you tired of the 140 Twitter character limit on your tweets? If so there is hope for you yet. Twitter is currently building a feature that will allow you to send a maximum tweet at 10,000 characters. For those of us traditionalists we are not too happy with this possible change. One of the […]

Social Media Engagement

There are many factors that drive a customer to engage with you and your brand via Social Media. Shareablee breaks these factors down into 4 categories: Storytelling Emotion Evoking Utility Social Proof Each category above has a specific purpose. The perfect ads will encompass all 4 of these factors. Have you seen the “Perfect Ad” […]

Holiday Ad Segment

For those of you trying to capitalize on the Holiday Shopping season, Facebook has helped out some marketers with providing a new Ad-Segment which will “enable brands to reach users who are “highly engaged” with content related to the holiday shopping season, Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” We think that this is a very good […]

Instagram Advertising

Have you began your Instagram advertising yet? As an Instagram user have you seen “Sponsored” stories in your feed? With Facebook having purchased Instagram you are now able to advertise your content in the Instagram feed through your Facebook advertising account. The same rules apply for Instagram ads that apply for Facebook advertising to include […]

Facebook Page Administrator Roles

Facebook Page Administrator Roles If you are a Facebook page owner and are like most of the business owners out there, you will not have time to run the Social Media for your business. You will be too busy concentrating on running your business than constantly posting and monitoring your Facebook business page. You will […]

Advertising Design & Introducing Colors

Have you ever designed the perfect ad in your mind? The copy is brilliant, the image is amazing, but then it comes to the secondary and border colors and you just don’t know how to put it all together? Did you ever think that the colors associated with your ad and product could influence a […]

DayParting Your Facebook Ads

Facebook has made it much more convenient for it’s advertisers. They have implemented the ability for dayparting. For those of you that do not know what dayparting is, it is the ability to control what hours of the day your ads run for your campaigns. When you are now in Power Editor and you are […]

Running a Social Media Contest & Sweepstake

When running a successful social media contest or sweepstakes campaign the most significant rule is to always stay in compliance with the Terms of Service (ToS) for the social media channel you are utilizing. Social Times has put together some useful information that you will want to consider when putting together your next campaign. What […]

Social Media by the minute!

Ever wonder what happens across Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram by the minute? Well thanks to that information might just be a little clearer. For more information on this infograph – click Business Insider