Facebook has made it much more convenient for it’s advertisers. They have implemented the ability for dayparting.

For those of you that do not know what dayparting is, it is the ability to control what hours of the day your ads run for your campaigns.

When you are now in Power Editor and you are creating your ad sets you are given the option to choose what time of the day your ads will be shown to your audience. In the past you were only given the opportunity to set a start date & time and then an end date & time.

Sometimes there are accounts out there that you want to run the ad only during business hours or only after business hours. You would then have to manually go in and start the ad when you wanted it to run and then stop it. If you are a small business running your own ads or an agency that is not running many ads than maybe this was not a problem for you. For those that are running a dozen or more ads than this is a great feature.

day parting ads

day parting ads2

Of course not everything that Facebook does is perfect. In order to run this type of ad set you are not able to run an ad with a daily budget but the ad set must contain a Lifetime Budget only.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Like it? Hate it? Doesn’t affect you one way or the other?