Are you tired of the 140 Twitter character limit on your tweets? If so there is hope for you yet. Twitter is currently building a feature that will allow you to send a maximum tweet at 10,000 characters.

For those of us traditionalists we are not too happy with this possible change. One of the biggest aspects of Twitter that sets it aside from other Social Media channels is the 140 character limit on tweets. If Twitter were to do away with the 140 character limit then they will do away with what made them stand out in the first place. Twitter for us was always a place to send a quick immediate message to our followers. If we wanted to sit down and read a long drawn out update we would check out Facebook.

Thanks to RE/CODE for the update on this info.

An interesting angle from this article – The larger the Tweets, the less the user will read of each Tweet. Seems to be a logical conclusion as most users will skim headlines or the first sentence of articles to see if it peaks their interest. If it does, then they continue reading. The longer the Tweet the more enticing the content must be as opposed to getting something out to your followers in a quick blurb.

What do you think??

You can find the article in it’s entirety here –> TWITTER EXPANDING CHARACTER LIMIT.