If you are running your business on Facebook and have not yet began creating and posting video content on your page, you really need to kick that production into HIGH-GEAR! Are you utilizing video retargeting in your current social media advertising campaigns?

As TechCrunch states “Everything at Facebook seems to be growing, according to Mark Zuckerberg’s Q4 earnings call comments. Facebook now sees 100 million hours of daily video watch time…. It’s becoming a serious competitor to YouTube for video viewing, it’s building ways to attract users in the developing world, it’s giving every more ways to share than just the News Feed…”

Video status updates have taken over the real estate on both mobile and desktop newsfeeds.

By default Facebook is set up to autoplay these videos in your newsfeed. As a marketer that means that you have 1-3 seconds to grab the attention of the user.

If this is done correctly you will have your Facebook retargeting pixel firing on your website and creating your custom audience. Once your audience is created, then that is when you need to advertise that attention grabbing video on Facebook. Your audience will be those that have already visited your website (by this you are narrowing down your audience because they are already interested in your business/product).

Below is a small sample of the cost per video view from an ad that was created with the demographic being a custom audience that was created by website visitors for the client.

As you can see this ad was split into 4 ad sets:

By splitting the demographics into smaller ad sets, this gives the ability to stop ads that are underperforming.

The test shows we are receiving a .07 per video view while showing the ad to 462 people and the video was viewed 722 times.

Video View Stats

Have you ran any video retargeting ads lately?