Facebook Page Administrator Roles

If you are a Facebook page owner and are like most of the business owners out there, you will not have time to run the Social Media for your business. You will be too busy concentrating on running your business than constantly posting and monitoring your Facebook business page. You will need to allow your assistant and your Social Media Agency (Chairman Social, of course) access to the page. Facebook has come a long way since the creation of pages because they have set up Page Roles for those that need access to your page.

Below is a snapshot of the Page Roles and what each role allows its user to access.

As a page owner this is you. This should not be anyone but you. There are too many stories out there that end in the intern of the company being given ADMIN access to the page and then deleting everyone else and holding the page hostage. Do not let this be you. The ADMIN role is the main role and has access to all options.

The Editor is just a spot below the ADMIN role and this should be assigned to a trusted individual as they will most likely be the person that will add other users and should be the individual that is running the day to day tasks for the page.

The Moderator will be the individual that you want to answer questions and messages, create ads and also run reports for the page through the Insights tab. This is the role that the intern would fall under.

The Advertiser is the agency that you have hired to create ads and post paid content to the page. This Role is perfect for the agency that you are only having run paid advertising for. With this role you do not have to worry about them reading your Page Messages, posting page status updates or responding to posts that were created by fans/customers to the page.

The Analyst is the Role you give someone that will view your page and give advice as to what you can do to improve your engagement. This person has 1 responsibility, which is to view your insights and check the health of your page.

Well, we hope that cleared up the Roles for Facebook Business Pages. Facebook has an additional document explaining these rules as well. You can find that by clicking Here. If you have any questions or think we missed anything, feel free to reach out below. 


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