The average time per day spent on social media platforms

In terms of minutes per day

The team over at Insider Intelligence has compiled the average time spent per day by US adult users on social media platforms for 2022. This might be a surprise to some as many business owners feel that SnapChat is not a widely used as it is.  

It is no surprise that TikTok is the clear cut winner in terms of time per day spent on the platform in terms of minutes. 

time per day spent on social media platforms

This chart does go further into detail and explains that a user can be logged into a platform while multitasking and watching television. This would mean that if a user who is watching television opens TikTok during commercials and leaves the app open, the time is being tracked for the daily use of TikTok so please keep that in mind. 

Knowing which platforms are garnering the most attention can help any advertiser or business owner better manage their paid media buying. Nobody likes to buy paid media, and push forward a well-thought-out marketing campaign, only to realize your audience is on another platform.

Now you know which social media platforms have the largest use time, it is up to you to decide which platform is worth investing attention on for both organic posting and paid media. 


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