As a business owner looking to develop your Social Media channels, the question needs to be asked: What is the goal of your Social Media presence? Are you looking to drive traffic to your brick and mortar location? Are you looking to gain Likes and Followers? Are you looking to build an engaging presence on Social Media for your customers to congregate and speak about your product or service?
These just some of the questions that you have to ask yourself before hiring your Social Media manager. The answers to these questions will have a dramatic role in the campaigns and marketing strategies that they will put together for you.
A clear idea of the direction that you want to take your Social Media presence will not only make it easier for your Social Media manager to complete their job with more success, but it will have a dramatic role in how you interact with them.

With that being said, the question still remains:

how to talk to women

What are you most interested in achieving for your business or product on Social Media?