For many businesses out there the idea of just increasing their Likes and Followers is all that matters. They believe that the more Likes they have and the more Followers that have it means instant ROI for their business.

We believe that this is all wrong. The business out there with 10,000 Facebook fans does you no good if the number of fans that actually interact with your page is 100. The idea of having as many fans as possible is a great start to building your social media business accounts, but the idea that gathering as many fans as possible just does not make sense if these fans/followers will never again interact with your social media account.

In order to build this audience and have constant interaction with these fans/followers you should always post engaging content in relation to your business. The fan/follower has decided to make you a part of their life and it is your job as the business to prove to them why they should keep coming back for more.

This really is one instance where size does not matter!