Finally Some Clarity on the FB Posting Guidelines

Have you ever posted “great” quality content only to later find out when you logged in again that FB had removed the content and flagged your account? They never specifically tell you which post it was, what violation it had infringed on, or who reported the image. Finally FB has come out with some more […]

Think you will never have to give a presentation??!!??

It is just impossible to be a successful business owner or professional withouthaving to give a presentation or 2… We found this great article from that should give you a boost of confidence the next time you are pitching that new client.. Credits: 7 Great Books for Boosting Your Presentation Skills  

Toxic Co-workers? We have all had them..

  We've all worked with (and sometimes hired) these problematic types. Here's what to do with them. Credits: How to Cope With 5 Toxic Coworkers (Infographic)  

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas…

A great read from regarding how the timeless slogan of “What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas” has gone into the digital age. Read more Here…

It’s all about a #Viral Dress

  There are countless important global issues and matters of cultural importance discussed on social media, but #TheDress was not one of them. The top trend on Twitter Thursday was whether a dress was blue and black or … Credits: How #TheDress Took Over Social Media – TheWrap  

What are you most interested in?

As a business owner looking to develop your Social Media channels, the question needs to be asked: What is the goal of your Social Media presence? Are you looking to drive traffic to your brick and mortar location? Are you looking to gain Likes and Followers? Are you looking to build an engaging presence on […]

Facebook Cover Photos

Have you been confused about the 20% rule for Facebook cover photos? Well Facebook appears to have done away with this rule. It is a much needed break for Page Admins that were unable to get their cover photos approved based on this rule. business term papers zp8497586rq

Facebook begins the use of #Hashtags

Facebook is now following in the footsteps of Twitter and Instagram with the use of #Hashtags. When posting or commenting the use of Hashtags will now take over Facebook. This is a good change for marketers and advertisers on the social network which will help with ad creation and ad targeting. Personal profiles will now […]

Amazing Sweepstake and Advertising results

Below is a fantastic example of a successful Sweepstakes alongside a powerful Facebook Advertising campaign. The account is Blue Ice Vodka. This client was looking to increase their Likes, build brand awareness as well as gather fan contact information such as names and email addresses. The campaign starts off with a simple offer: Enter the […]

How to edit a FanPage Photo Status Update

I have received many emails and inquiries on how to edit a Facebook Status update once it has already been posted. Previously the option was only available to personal profile comments that the user had made and it was to be done within 30 minutes of the posting. the best antivirus software Facebook has now […]